Halong Bay Journals

Halong Bay: A Panorama of Beautiful Contrasts

A January 2005 trip to Halong Bay by RaquelKato

Me and my Partner in Ha Long Bay Photo, Halong Bay, Vietnam More Photos
Quote: I got here as part of my honeymoon vacation. Ha Long Bay is so truly spectacular that it is hard to describe in mere words. It is eerie, romantic, exotic, calming, exciting, and many other characteristics, all at the same time. Can't understand it until you experience it yourself.

A Panorama of Beautiful Contrasts


Me and my Partner in Ha Long Bay Photo, Halong Bay, Vietnam
The 4-hour road trip from Hanoi to the port of Ha Long Bay may have left me with sore buttocks, but it was truly worth it once we were on the junk. The main attraction of the cruise for me is the scenery the whole time on board. This UNESCO World Heritage site is just amazing. Apart from the unique shapes of the islets all around, the culture of its coastal community is equally interesting.Quick Tips: Please do not forget to buy some fresh seafood from the boats and have the cook in your junk prepare them your way for lunch. Of course, expect the seafood to cost a bit higher than usual. Tourist trap, yes, but, hey, your experience really won't be complete if you don't get to taste at ...Read More