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Republic Day Weekend in Vanadzor

A May 2006 trip to Armenia by fizzytom

Hotel Gugark - a Soviet relic Photo, More Photos
Quote: This small Northern Armenian town is little known but big on attractions for the active - read all about it here.

Republic Day Weekend in Vanadzor


Vandzor view Photo,
Vanadzor is a bustling town with a terrific market. However, the real attractions lie in the countryside around the town. Vanadzor is ideally located for the Debed Canyon which is home to some important churches and close to the town of Dilijan - a beautiful town high up in the lush mountains.Visit during any national holiday (as we did) and see the towns people in their gladrags heading out of town to a picnic area to party the day and night away.You don't have to venture far out of town to appreciate how lovely the area is; close to the town centre there starts a great walk which passes some disused sanatoria and a boating lake. It is spookily appealing!The lively mar...Read More

Hotel Gugark

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Hotel Gugark - a Soviet relic Photo,
Situated at the eastern end of the main road in Vandzor, Hotel Gugark enjoys a good location near the main bus station and train station, the huge market, and several cafés and restaurants.A relic from communist days, the hotel takes up the upper floors of a vast building which would probably scrub up well. A watchman guards the entrance 24 hours a day and calls the lift to direct you to the floor reserved for foreign guests. Security is fine and the other floors seem to be taken up by international aid agencies.The floor lady speaks good English and is really helpful with information on the town and the surrounding area.Various options are available. For about £12 we got a dou...Read More

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