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Royal Brunei Airlines

A December 2006 trip to Brunei by auroranorth

Royal Brunei in the Skies Photo, Brunei, Asia More Photos
Quote: A detailed description of the recent flight I took from Perth to Singapore and Brunei.

Royal Brunei Airlines


Royal Brunei in the Skies Photo, Brunei, Asia
Taking off, landing, the food and staff.Much better than Qantas, the staff were very well presented, women in lovely dresses with head coverings (a Muslim requirement) and the men wore lovely maroon blazers.The food was arguably the most delicious airline food I've ever tasted, it didn't cause me to throw up and came with a main tray of hot food, a bread bun, the drink of your choice out of their trolley, real cutlery, small things for starters and a scrumptious dessert. You even get the choice of two or three things, such as Garlic Fried Rice with Apricot Curry for your hot food.The seats were spacious, with lots of pitch (legroom). The only thing I didn't like about the seats...Read More