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A Day of Cowboy at Stockyards

A December 2006 trip to Fort Worth by shammiyap

Herd Cattle Drives Photo, Fort Worth, Texas More Photos
Quote: The historical town of Stockyards has so much to offer! From Western heritage to museums, from cowboys' culture to native arts and crafts.

A Day of Cowboy at Stockyards

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Herd Cattle Drives Photo, Fort Worth, Texas
Located 3km north of Fort Worth downtown, Stockyards National Historic District is relatively small but engaging 10 blocks of neighbourhood. With its cobblestoned street and raised wooden sidewalks, it resembles Fort Worth Stockyards in the old time where each day more than a millions head of cattle were sold and shipped to markets in the eastern USA. Though the stockyards ceased many years ago, the buildings are preserved till today!Stroll along the district and explore each point of interest and you will feel being in the center of a old cowboy town. The Stockyard Station was an old depot for transferring the longhorn cattles, which everything in it has been preserved till today alth...Read More