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Day trip to Portland

A September 2006 trip to Portland by cjg1

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Quote: We took a day trip to Portland on a Mileage Run. And went to the gardens to spend our six hour stopover.

Day trip to Portland


On this trip to Portland we came in for a mileage run. We had come in from NYC via LAX and had the whole of the afternoon here. About six hours.So we went and jumped on MAX for the seemingly long ride out to Washington Park. It was our second trip to the city for a day together and gardens were on today’s menu. After about 45 minutes we arrived at the MAX station for the park. We did not know where to go from there and finally found the inside park bus that would take us to the Rose Garden.While at the Rose Garden we were able to take many pics and enjoy the beautiful weather here. There was a wedding reception going on in part of the garden. We grabbed a snack and ate ice cream while ...Read More

Lan Su Chinese Garden

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Well let me say that I came here because Janet wanted to. It wasn't raining hard out and we wanted to see something of the town. Otherwise we would have arrived later with our other friend for more miles.
It took us about 40 minutes to tour the whole of the garden. We did not go in for the audio tour but walked around and took lots of pics. Ok. She took all the pics. Someone had to hold the umbrella over the camera...
In general they were nice. But I would not pay the $7 each again to do it.

Website: www.portlandchinesegarden.org

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Lan Su Chinese Garden
NW 3rd Avenue at Everett Street
Portland, Oregon 97209
(503) 228-8131

Portland Japanese Garden

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Portland Japanese Garden Photo, Portland, Oregon
During this trip I went to the Japanese Gardens. They were very nice and quite worth seeing. But at $8 each to get in for something that was at most 45 minutes I don't think I'll be going back. That said everyone should come at least one time here. It’s quite peaceful and quiet making for a good time to just spend with your thoughts or someone special. The highlight of them is the waterfall in the back corner right after walking across the wooden bridges. There was such a crowd here and everyone took turns taking pics and then moving out of the way.

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Portland Japanese Garden
611 SW Kingston Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205
(503) 223-1321

Peninsula Park & Rose Garden

Attraction | "Rose Garden at Washington Park"

Peninsula Park & Rose Garden Photo, Portland, Oregon
The Rose Gardens of Washington Park is where we started our day. Arriving off of the bus from the MAX we made a quick bathroom stop and grabbed a quick ice-cream snack. We were able to walk the grounds while still eating and made sure to get all the trash in the bin. Was nice to see someplace still people friendly and we don’t want to be part of what gets that changed.As we wandered in and around we marveled at the views of the city and the nice day we had. Just meandering through the different rose patches and taking photos and having fun just being there.There was a wedding reception going on in part of it and we were amazed to find it free although they had drop boxes for cash throu...Read More

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Peninsula Park & Rose Garden
700 N Portland Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97217
(503) 823-3620