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A June 2006 trip to New York by pj1465

Quote: I love to visit NYC. It's never the same experience.

Hotel Chelsea

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What do Sid and Nancy, Robert Mapplethorpe and Mark Twain have in common? They were all residents (along with a host of other artists, musicians, and writers) of the infamous Hotel Chelsea. Hotel Chelsea is located in the Chelsea neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan. It was the first building listed by New York City as a historic building of note. The hotel prides itself on being a haven for bohemians and artists. Other famous past residents include Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, and Jack Kerouac. The hotel has also been featured in several films, including “Chelsea Girls” and “Sid and Nancy”. I stayed at Hotel Chelsea in June of 2006. My friends who arrived ahead of me told me that the...Read More

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Hotel Chelsea
222 W 23rd St.
New York 10011
(212) 243 3700