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Sawaddee Thai Restaurant

A January 2007 trip to Providence by jmaclean4

Quote: A visit to Sawaddee Thai Restaurant.

Sawaddee Thai Restaurant

Restaurant | "Sawadee"

My wife took me here for our anniversary. It was our second visit to the restaurant. We ordered the chicken wing appetizer and asked that we have it before the meal. About 15 minutes later the waitress came over to our table and asked if we minded getting the main course (Pad Thai) first because it takes a long time to cook the wings. We said no, we don't want our appetizer during our meal or for dessert. We also asked that they not let the meal sit while we ate the appetizer. Apparently it is not allowed to have your appetizer first here. We got the meal after the appetizer alright. Unfortunately it was cold and dried out. No one asked us how we were doing or how our meal was. Instead, they ignored u...Read More

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Sawaddee Thai Restaurant
93 Hope St.
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
(401) 831-1122