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Hiking, Walking or Biking Acadia Carriage Roads

A June 2005 trip to Bar Harbor by Dave Lapha

Looking out from one of many carriage roads Photo, Bar Harbor, Maine More Photos
Quote: You won't find someone sightseeing in a motorized vehicle on these carriage roads. You'll find hikers, joggers, cyclists, cross-country skiers, carriage riders and horseback riders on these roads of pristine forest.

Hiking, Walking or Biking Acadia Carriage Roads


Looking out from one of many carriage roads Photo, Bar Harbor, Maine
The views of the Atlantic Ocean. Watching all the different birds of prey soar over the forest. Hearing the sounds of the forest come alive and enjoying the fresh air. Seeing the beautiful greens of all the different trees. Watching the sun rise for the first time on United States soil from Cadillac Mountain.Quick Tips: Come prepared with trail map, watch, flashlight, water, food, insect repellent, rain gear and a first aid kit. When getting off the main carriage roads and hiking some of the more strenuous hikes be sure to have a partner and make sure someone else has your itinerary or leave it on the dash of your car. Whatever you do be sure to have the proper foot gear to cushion and p...Read More

Acadia National Park

Attraction | "Hiking, biking, jogging, horseback riding."

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Whether your a walker, biker or carriage rider you'll have an opportunity to explore some or all forty plus miles of carriage roads in Acadia. Over a 27 year period, John D. Rockefeller, Jr built a system of carriage roads across his property. Graded and lined with broken stone these roads offered a haven from the "horseless carriage." To link all these roads Rockefeller built some awesome bridges of granite and cobblestones. Thanks to his foresight and the generous donation of land and these roads we can still enjoy the serenity of the Acadia National Park. From within this forest, enjoy the cool afternoon breeze as you look into the canopy of trees. As you reach the crest of the hills lo...Read More

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