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native guide to Tucson


Mt. Lemon, Sonoran Desert Museum, Saguaro National Monument, Nogales

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You definately need a car to get around in Arizona, where public transportation verges on being non-existant and the distances are too great for walking.

Mount Lemmon

Attraction | "Mt. Lemon"

Drive approximately 15 min SW of downtown Tucson to begin the beautiful drive to the top of the mountain. With many scenic viewpoints along the way, you can admire dramatic rock formations in red and pink, and hundreds of saguaro cacti. Towards the top, the landscape changes to pine forests. The little town at the top hosts a lodge, restaurants, and shops (some cheesie souvenirs, some beautiful but expensive crafts). The town is cute, but it's the drive up that you shouldn't miss

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Mount Lemmon
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