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Centre Ville Tunis

A September 2006 trip to Tunis by osuroamer

Quote: I was a student in Tunis for three months. This is what I saw in the downtown area of Bourguiba Avenue.

Centre Ville Tunis


The most important place to visit in Centre Ville is the Medina. It is the old city built long before the French took over Tunis. There are tons of shops both tourists and locals visit. It's difficult for women to venture there alone, it's best to go in groups of 2 or 3 and with a man. It's very crowded and can easily become stressful. Haggling is a have to but the finds there are amazing.Quick Tips: Keep all valuables very close. Locals can see a tourist like a red balloon, and taking advantage of them is so easy. If at a cafe some men will approach with kindness, but it's easy to be fooled into buying them a coffee then often the trick is to ask for money. Best Way To Get Around:...Read More

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