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Jungle Paradise

An October 2006 trip to Dominica by vhe

Quote: We heard Jungle Bay, Dominica was an experience a lot like going to Costa Rica 20 years ago. Rainforest hikes, exotic waterfalls, snorkeling, friendly locals.
Jungle Bay has this fantastic package that we booked called the Jungle Spa Adventure Package. It gave us airport transfers, amazing accommodation in our own private treehouse cottage in the rainforest, all our meals, a morning yoga class to stretch our in the morning before starting our daily tours to hike the famous Boiling Lake, snorkel, swim in hot spring waterfalls, and visit other amazing sites. Then to top it all off we get back to the resort each day and get a massage included in the package too! The day finished with an amazing meal by Joanne, Jannet, and the other great kitchen staff. At night they play some reggae to chill out a bit before heading to the cottage to let the sounds of the rain...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 25, 2006

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa
Point Mulatre
Commonwealth of Dominica
(767) 446-1789