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Busy Week in and out of London

A December 2006 trip to London by suartd

Quote: I spent a night in a TravelLodge in Bedford, just outside of London, and a night in London at a hotel. I will review both of the hotels.

Busy Week in and out of London


The highlights of the two days were an amazing shower at the Travel Lodge in Beford. Good meal in Pizza Express and a fast flight to Luton from Glasgow.

Quick Tips:

Travel is really expensive in and around London, so it is really worth looking into return tickets on the trains and multi-trip passes on the tube. Taxis: while they seem convenient turn out to be a huge waste of money as the traffic is horrific and the meter keeps running even when traffic is at a standstill.

Best Way To Get Around:

Probably the tube. Seems to be the most efficient way in every city I think.

Travelodge Bedford

Hotel | "Travel Lodge"

OK, so Travel Lodges are pretty basic. No, there is no restaurant, no breakfast included, no mint on the pillow, etc. However, if you are looking for a comfortable bed and a fantastic shower then this is a good cheap place to stay. I booked a family room (this was all that was left when I booked) for £39.99 and got a huge double bed and a couch that can sleep two. There was a TV in the room providing me with all the crappy terrestrial TV that there is but useful for the news in the morning. It is perfect for those not wanting to pay for luxuries you generally don't use. The shower is one of the best I have had also. Very strong and warm and the whole room was very clean. They provide a ket...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 13, 2006

Travelodge Bedford
Saturn Heights, Brickhill Drive
Bedford, England MK41 7PH
0871 984 6276

OK, so how do I describe central London hotels. Over priced and crap. I had a room in this hotel for one night and was sharing with a girl I met in London. The hotel was paid for me but I was told that it cost about £60. Well, we were ripped off. Firstly the room was tiny. The two beds were squashed in to a small room. It was also very noisy due to traffic right outside and you could hear it through the windows. The room was extremely hot, almost uncomfortable, but we couldn't open the windows because of the noise. The bar in the hotel is very small considering the size of the hotel and is very much like an old mans pub. It is very smoky and for someone who comes from Scotland where smoking is bann...Read More

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on December 13, 2006

Tavistock Hotel
Tavistock Square
London, England
44 207 636 8383

Pizza Express


Well I was struggling to find the difference between Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, and the old Pizzaland. OK, they have slightly more unusual types of pizzas including things like goats cheese and they seem to have a good range of vegetarian pizzas, but that is the only notable difference from other pizza places. Prices were the standard for pizzas and the garlic bread, fried mushrooms, and salad starters were pretty usual. The place was jam packed though and this is usually a sign of a popular place. Overall it wasn't bad but nothing too different from the norm.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on December 13, 2006