Orlando Journals

Disney MGM Studios

A June 2005 trip to Orlando by talpa4980

Quote: This was the day that we spent at Disney MGM Studios.

Disney MGM Studios


Disney MGM Studios is, in my opinion, the best park at Disney World. There are several different areas, each with its own distinct style. When you first walk into the park, the ambience is of Hollywood circa 1940s or 50s. They are playing appropriate music, and the streets are lined with shops that give the feel of the time period. Another area of the park is set up as a huge backlot area, with building backdrops and other things that make it feel like a big city street. The greatest ride offered here is the Aerosmith Rock'n'Roller Coaster. Located down the right side of the park from the entrance, this coaster has no drops, but instead accelerates you from a dead stop to 60pmh. The ride is full of lo...Read More