Bahrain Journals

Ever Heard About Dilmun?

A travel journal to Bahrain by kroete

Quote: Bahrain is a small island east of Saudi-Arabia, next to Qatar. It has a very rich history, dating back to pre-historic times.

Ever Heard About Dilmun?


You don't come to Bahrain for a holiday. You end up here because you've got business to do, have a layover or visit someone. General opinion is there's nothing here to see but a couple of malls. Unfortunately people leave the island without having seen some unique artifacts, some of which can only be found in Bahrain. The Honeycomb graves are one example. Then there are the Burial Mounds of A'Ali, thousands of them, Babar Temple, the Royal Tombs in Janabyjah, Saar Settlement Excarvation with an interesting temple and Tel Q'alat (Bahrain Fort, Dilmun Cities).Quick Tips: Bahrain is a small place so all major sites could be visited in a day, if you're pressed for time. You need a good guide to f...Read More