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A November 2005 trip to French Guiana by jimmy McWolf

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French Guiana

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The lasting image of Guyana is friendliness. Doing something extreme doesn't seem to be part of the cultural make-up but the extreme is everywhere begging you to try. But the country is anything but melancholy with a lot to keep your imagination stimulated; the towns are eclectic, the villages are quaint, the forests are lush, dense and full of life, and the canals, creeks, streams, rivers, and land merge and cross each other endlessly, vying for domination.. The pictures below are only snap shots and don't do justice to the country. For every building picture there are a million more. For every farm forest picture there are a million more. For every village picture there are a million more. For every...Read More

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French Guiana
Northern Atlantic Coast of South America
French Guiana

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