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A November 2006 trip to Bethlehem by talpa4980

Quote: A nice day spent in historic Bethlehem, PA.

Bethlehem, PA


Walking around on the North Side of Bethlehem is truly a fun experience. There is a large variety of small specialty shops, none of the large chain stores, that makes it a nice way to spend a weekend afternoon. One of the best stores, by far, is the Moravian Bookshop. It has a wonderful variety of items for sale, from collectibles to books to homemade baked goods. There are also art stores, jewelry stores, a Celtic store, and many more quaint shops. If you get hungry, don't forget to try Bethlehem Brew Works, a great local restaurant that brews their own beers all year long.Quick Tips: Check the local papers for coupons or discounts that are available at many of the shops. This area is a big ...Read More
This is one of the best restaurants in Bethlehem. Conveniently located near the historic Bethlehem shopping area, this restaurant offers bar-style dining and sit-down style. The cuisine varies from typical bar food (burgers, wings, etc.) to all sorts of pastas, seafood, and meats. Their best dish is their homemade beer and cheese soup, and this is a must have for an appetizer. Also be sure to check out their site-brewed beers, which vary during the year to include seasonal favorites.

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Bethlehem Brew Works
569 Main Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018
(610) 882-1300

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