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Graduation Present - Disney World

A May 2005 trip to Orlando by talpa4980

Quote: My fiance's parents gave us a trip to Disney World for a week as her college graduation present.

Graduation Present - Disney World


The most memorable moment of this trip would definitely be my wedding proposal... it was done right after the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Besides that, there were so many wonderful moments... taking pictures with all the Disney characters, the fireworks at the parks, the great food at the World Showcase... the list goes on and on. No matter what you do here, you will have a lifetime of memories to take home with you.Quick Tips: Look for discounts and coupons before going. You can save a lot of money on admission, hotels, etc., by checking around online prior to going.Best Way To Get Around: Easiest way to get around is to drive to one park, and take the free Disney shuttles from ...Read More