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76ers Game vs. Miami

A November 2006 trip to Philadelphia by talpa4980

Quote: Get-together with college friends to see a 76ers game.

76ers Game vs. Miami


This was get-together of some friends that I haven't seen in several years. We figured this was a good idea because it was a central location for all of us to meet (we were coming from all over) and had easy access to the highway. We arrived a while before the game began to do a little tailgating in the parking lot (the weather was great surprisingly), then went in and cheered the 76ers to victory.Quick Tips: If meeting a group of people, meet somewhere else and go to the game together... it makes it a lot easier to find everyone and you don't waste time looking for people. Best Way To Get Around: If possible, park close to the exits... it makes it a lot easier to leave after the gam...Read More