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Two weeks in the Solomon Islands

An October 1996 trip to Solomon Islands by LesBarker

Honiara from Memorial Hill Photo, More Photos
Quote: My wife Wendy and I had two weeks at Honiara and Malaita, diving and meeting the locals.

Two weeks in the Solomon Islands

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Honiara from Memorial Hill Photo,
They are called the Friendly Islands and we found that to be true. We stayed with an Australian friend but there were two tourist hotels in Honiara. There were several stores and one supermarket as well as a bakery. Fresh meat and milk was very expensive.If you shop in the markets (two in Honiara), you can buy excellent fresh vegetables and fruit for very little money. China Town was a ramshackle collection of shops and businesses where you could spend days.Honiara looks out over Ironbottom Sound where over 80 shipwrecks (both Japanese and American lie after being sunk in WW2). There are three wrecks on the beaches which are easily divisible...Read More

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