Santa Marta Journals

Santa Marta and Taganga Best Places to Visit

A November 2006 trip to Santa Marta by stellarstar

Quote: El Miramar Hotel in Santa Marta and Taganga "Ramarim" and the NEW Tsunami Hotel Taganga are my favorite places to stay in the world. Super chill, super cheap, super fan!

Hotel Tsunami Taganga

Attraction | "Tsunami Hotel and Mirador del Macondo Bar"

Super chill. The best view and private, excellent food, cheap, nice international music, great vibe, great dancing, great drinks, lots of choices! A very high recommendation for the best view experience at a reasonable price.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 1, 2006

Hotel Tsunami Taganga
Calle 17
Taganga, Colombia