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A May 2005 trip to Samos by midtownmjd

Historic Pythagorion Photo, Samos, Greece More Photos
Quote: It was easy to let go of our plan to visit Turkey once I looked around. The only thing surpassing Samos' beauty is its history.

Historic Pythagorion

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Historic Pythagorion Photo, Samos, Greece
Exploring the town of Pythagorian was the highlight of our stay on Samos. The scenery is breath-taking, with beaches, olive trees, monasteries, roses, wild spices, and amazing history.The bus from our hostel in Vathy to Pythagorian was convenient and cheap. Once in Pythagorian, we walked all over (though somehow always uphill) exploring the town, coast, and ancient sites. We walked all day, in fact, and had only one run-in with chickens hidden in the hills. I think they were as surprised to see us as we were to see them.We navigated only by following signs pointing to famous sites and ruins. (And with the help of a couple from Germany when we got lost at one point... thanks!) There wer...Read More

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Historic Pythagorion

Samos, Greece