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Ciudad Juarez a Busy Business Border Town

A November 2006 trip to Ciudad Juarez by JesusW

Sanborns at Holiday Inn Express Photo, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico More Photos
Quote: This is a jump point to cross the border into Texas, Ciudad Juarez is the twin city of El Paso.

Holiday Inn Express

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Holiday Inn Express Photo,
This is truly a business person oriented hotel, you have all the services you may need at a very convenient cost. If you are short of time and have a busy schedule you can count on this hotel, they include in the room price the self-serve buffet breakfast so you set your own pace starting in the morning. Need clean clothes? they have the laundry room free or charge, if you need detergent you can buy it at the front desk or at the really convenient Sanborns department store. If you need a soft drink or a snack there are vending machines for your convenience. A note on Sanborns, it is an all-in-one store, you find: a restaurant, bar, bakery, books, music CDs and DVDs, a quick replacemen...Read More

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Holiday Inn Express
P. Triunfo de la Republica # 3745
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 32310
(656) 629-6000

Sanborn's at Holiday Inn Express

Restaurant | "Sanborns"

Sanborn's at Holiday Inn Express Photo, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
This is a 24 hour service place, but with attitude. Sanborns is a restaurant that offers Mexican food and you can have a full meal or just stop for coffee and cake. But besides the restaurant they also have a full service bar with quite atmosphere. Adding more complexity and service they have a bakery where you can get pastries, cakes and buns. Around those place to get food you get a full department store where you can get a new shirt, some perfume, a CD or a plasma TV, a swiss army knife or a nice watch. This is the place to get on the last minute in the middle of the night when you need to get a gift for your spouse or just a magazine. They even have a pharmacy serving 24 hours around the clock...Read More

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Sanborn's at Holiday Inn Express
Av. Revolución Y Calle 9, Tijuana, B.c.
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico