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Exploring the Puget Sound: Seattle and Beyond

A November 2006 trip to Seattle by jl32

Quote: From the hustle of Seattle to the quiet tranquility of Anacortes, the Puget Sound has it all.
Firstly, they've moved: let's clear that up front: 105 1/2 Pike Street. The new location puts them literally on top of the legendary Pike's Place Market. Shy of the Space Needle, there may be few things more often associated with Seattle than the red neon of Pike's Place. So, as far as location goes, they are prime. Out your doorstep is the market. The Amtrak Station (and thus the football and baseball venues) are just 10 minutes or a $5 cab ride in one direction. The Space Needle (and KeyBank, home of the Sonics--the Experience Music Project, and SciFi museum) is 10 minutes or $5 in the other direction. Now, I know what you're thinking: hostels?! Ick! No. Super-safe and stocked with m...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on November 25, 2006

Green Tortoise Backpackers Guesthouse
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