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Gem Mining in NC

A November 2006 trip to Hiddenite by weeblewobble46

Quote: Do you dream of finding an amethyst as big as your fist? You might!

Hiddenite Gem Mine

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Did you ever dream of finding a gem as large as your fist. You might do it here in Hiddenite. You get a choice of sluicing, creeking or digging to find your gems. All of them will net you something for your time and money, but sluicing is the way to go if you have children with you.Take along some plastic bags for your booty and rubber or latex gloves to keep your hands protected. We also took some old towels so we could clean our hands and keep our laps clean of the dirt spillage. Dress comfortably, jeans and sneakers, and take a hat along in case you are in the sun - it can burn you quickly when you are in the woods since there always seems to be a cooling breeze.In the sluice area, ...Read More

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Hiddenite Gem Mine

Hiddenite, North Carolina 28636
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Hiddenite Gem Mine, North Carolina