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Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

A June 1993 trip to Santo Domingo by Robert Raymond Ingledew

Quote: Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) may not be a rich country, but its inhabitants really enjoy life. I visited Santo Domingo, Barahona, Santiago, La Vega, San Francisco Macoris, San Pedro Macoris, La Romana, Puerto Plata, Higuey, I was not able to make it to Punta Cana, I was near, but working...

Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

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This is a delightful country. People know how to enjoy life. It is a colorful island, full of many attractions and history. Christopher Columbus arrived here in 1492 and was impressed by its beauty, calling it a "miracle of God's hand". Santo Domingo is a beautiful city and was founded in 1496. The capital has well over half a million inhabitants (the population of the whole country is nearly 1,600,000). Agriculture is well developed, specially sugar cane farming. All the island has a lively green color. The main tourist attractions in Dominican Republic are its history and its beaches. I imagine you will be interested in both. SANTO DOMINGO has a lot of history, but there I was enjoying m...Read More