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Sheki... Paradise in the Azeri Mountain

A July 2006 trip to Azerbaijan by byuistheshiz

Caravan-Sarai Hotel Photo, More Photos
Quote: A three-day backpacking trip through Sheki and Kiish, Azerbaijan.

Sheki... Paradise in the Azeri Mountain


Caravan-Sarai Hotel Photo,
Sheki, a small village nestled in the mountains of Northern Azerbaijan is really a paradise. There are three hotels in the village, one being the Caravan-Sarai. This masterfully restored hotel was used as a hotel for caravans almost three hundred years ago. It's clean, comfortable and very well priced. At the base of the village (the village is on a hill and the Caravan-Sarai is about 2 kilometers up mountain from the base) is a restaurant of a better quality than most those you'd find in Baku. The food (especially the Shashliki) is delicious and cheap. The Caravan-Sarai had a somewhat more expensive restaurant in its courtyard but wasn't as good. At the top of the village is a magnificent palace hidd...Read More