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Visiting a Museum of Music in the Heart of Seattle

A September 2006 trip to Seattle by Rie Rite

Quote: Experience Music Project proves there is much more to the Seattle music scene than grunge.

EMP Museum at Seattle Center

Attraction | "Experience Music Project"

While visiting friends in Port Orchard, Washington, my boyfriend and I decided to make a day trip by ferry to the dank city of Seattle to see the Experience Music Project.The EMP, in short, looks like an architectural joke, or perhaps six artists who couldn’t decide on a central theme for the building. But its chaotic nature seems to conjoin nicely with the musical theme, after all, isn’t chaotic music more interesting?Inside was a detailed explanation of the evolution of rap and hip hop. It defined both forms of music, which have become synonymous over time. Rap: a rapid form of lyrical speech. Hip Hop: a combination of musical forms including rap, scratching, percussion, etc. There w...Read More

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EMP Museum at Seattle Center
325 Fifth Ave North
Seattle, Washington 98109
(206) 770-2700

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