Sydney Journals

A Trip Down Under

A July 2006 trip to Sydney by leopardgrrrl88

Quote: In this journal, you can read about the many adventures I had in Sydney, Australia in the two weeks I spent there. You can also view a number of photographs I took as I traveled.

A Trip Down Under


Sydney is an amazing city with a number of exciting things to do. The Sydney Harbor Cruise, tour of the Sydney Opera House, visiting the museums, climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and viewing the city as the sun sets were among my favorite activities. The Harbor cruise gives you a fantastic view of the city, but nothing is better than viewing Sydney from atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I have done a decent amount of traveling, but NOTHING has even come close to the experience I had during that climb. Sydney is also breathtaking to watch at sunset and once it is dark outside with its majestic lights.Quick Tips: I recommend looking up activities available in Sydney before your trip because ther...Read More