Ventura Journals

Six Flags

A November 2006 trip to Ventura by mafnet

Quote: Key Club Fall Rally! What could be more fun than a bunch of people from California and Nevada screaming their heads off by cheering the day away?!
*This is not a travel review in the sense that you can do this activity. You must be in Key Club and must sign up (once a year) to do this. Key Club grouped together to cheer in an attempt to win the elusive Spirit Trophy. My division (4 west) may not have won, but the experience was awesome. If any of you were at Six Flags on 11/11/2006, you would have heard and seen this. (And if you did, respond to this and let me know). Anyway, our cheers were so loud that my friend's camera would not work! We are all so spirited! Maybe next year 4 west will win and maybe next year you will hear us all the way from Viper!