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The World's Most Renowned Hospitality in Sighnaghi

A travel journal to Georgia by JulieKaplan

Quote: Experience the unforgettable hospitality of Georgia through the uniquely beautiful village of Sighnaghi!

Homestay-Sighnaghi, Georgia

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Hotel | "Lika Nacvlishvili"

Just a two hour bus ride east of Tbilisi in Sighnaghi, Georgia, the Natsvlishvili family welcomes up to twenty guests at a time of any nationality for any desired length of time, with incomparable hospitality in the peace and beauty of a rural village, overflowing with warmth and the sincere love of making friends and giving unconditionally, where one will always feel at home! This family welcomed me into their home and adopted me as their own, and three years after living with them I still consider them my Georgian family! When I initially moved in, I barely spoke the language and knew nothing of the family I was committing to live with, but from the moment I arrived, the made it their re...Read More

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Homestay-Sighnaghi, Georgia
5 Evdoshvili Street
Sighnaghi, Georgia