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Corpus Christi, Texas, a Delicious Destination

A March 2002 trip to Corpus Christi by Robert Raymond Ingledew

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Quote: While living in Houston, I went a few times to this very nice small city. It has an attractive coastal avenue, luxurious marinas, you can see off-shore platforms in the sea producing oil (there are many oil companies in the area), the USS Lexington aircraft carrier, the aquarium...

Corpus Christi, Texas, a Delicious Destination


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The 15 months I lived in Houston (January 2003-April 2004) I tried to make the most of my stay exploring the area: Thus I visited Lake Charles in Louisiana, San Antonio (another beautiful city), El Paso, Copper Canyon in Mexico...  And Corpus Christi is one of the places I visited most. It was a five hour drive on the bus from Houston through the countryside, towards the Mexican border (I never went the full way). It is an impressive small city, with some very modern buildings, mostly belonging to oil companies. A walk along the coastal avenue is a must, and you have shelters with shade about every two blocks and benches all along the way that allow you to face the sea or the city. If you look to...Read More