Tajikistan Journals

Five Weeks in Tajikistan

A June 2006 trip to Tajikistan by byuistheshiz

Daily Prayers at the Green Market Photo, More Photos
Quote: A recap of my five weeks in Tajikistan.
Daily Prayers at the Green Market Photo,
I would certainly not recommend a friend visit Tajikistan. I recently spent five weeks living in Tajikistan. I rented an apartment in the capitol city Dushanbe. I took a few two or three day trips to the other major cities of the country and extensively traveled through out the incredibly remote regions of southern Tajikistan. I wish that I had a lot to say about this country, but there is not much to do. In regards to language, a person can certainly get by with conversant Russian. Tajik (a dialect of farci) is quickly gaining popularity and only those that are educated or live in the capitol speak Russian now. There are a few night clubs that are specifically targeted at ex-pats. Oth...Read More