Kanchanaburi Journals

Tracking to Underwater City

A November 2006 trip to Kanchanaburi by Loonlin

Dad in P.Guest House Photo, More Photos
Quote: Sightseeing Underwater Temple and Mon wood bridge.

Underwater World


Dad in P.Guest House Photo,
We went to San Gra Buri by bus which first one out from Bangkok to Kanjanaburi at 5am. It's take 2 hrs. to get there then continue by pulbic van which its bus stop opposite bus terminal,Asia Sai Yok bus, to San Gra Buri it take you to nice and very natural hill view,3-4hrs. its take.Then take motobike 10 bht.to P.Guest House,there serve you both bangalo or tent in same price 200 bht./night, clean and friendly staffs. At P.Guest house which has space to let you breath and connecting with real natural along Kao Lam Dam especially in the morning of winter. Besides, i think landscape here is much much open you to see great view in the evening becoz there's floating boat to let you enjoy swiming in Dam and...Read More

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