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Madagascar, A World Apart

An August 2006 trip to Madagascar by dindin

Quote: Lemurs, cameleons, birds, rainforests, spiny forests, and gems are but a few of the diverse items you will find in a trip to the worlds fourth largest island. Not only is it an island not frequented by many visitors, it contains incredibly diverse landscapes and climates.
Berenty is owned by the same family that owns the sisal plantain surrounding the reserve (which they started). There is nothing else to stay at if you want to visit the reserve (and the reserve it absolutely worthwhile!). The cabins are all clean, have mosquito netting, but not all have hot water, and the plumbing is suspect. Bring extra toilet paper and paper products (similar to other areas in Madagascar). This is a poor area of the country. The family also owns all the hotels in the main city, 80 km away.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on November 11, 2006

Berenty Private Reserve
Along The Mandrake River
Madagascar, Africa

Vakona is in the national park northeast of 'Tana. It is a lovely site, with a dramatic hotel lobby and dining facility surrounded by individual cabins in the park. Very clean, mosquito netting provided. Hot water and adequate paper products. Good food at the lodge. Great access to the local parks. A poor area, not accessible by the train, yet. Drivable from Tana. This hotel was started for the executives of the mining industry which owns it but they do a nice job for the tourists. Great birding in the area along with the lemurs. Unfortunately the park is getting to many visitors for the infrastructure to handle (along with the hotel).

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on November 11, 2006

Vakona Forest Lodge
7 Kms from Perinet National Park
Andasibe, Northern Madagascar