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What's in Western Nebraska?

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Quote: Visiting relatives always leaves a little time for exploring. We spent time visiting the few local attractions in Alliance as well as some of the regional sights.

What's in Western Nebraska?


Carhenge is a real hoot. It is a recreation of the famous Stonehenge, only made with old cars instead of stones. Scottsbluff National Monument provides a chance for some nice hiking.

Quick Tips:

There are miles and miles of open spaces in Western Nebraska. Be prepared to fill up with gas when the opportunity presents itself as there are often many miles between stations.

Best Way To Get Around:

Driving is necessary between locations. At Scottsbluff National Mounument a good pair of hiking shoes are in order.


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Carhenge Photo, Alliance, Nebraska
Carhenge is one of the strangest things you will ever see. Set just off the road beside a large field, the cars are stacked in such a way as to resemble Stonehenge. The cars have all been painted white. Makes you wonder what the creator of this attraction was thinking when they created it. There is no cost for viewing this sight, it's just there beside the road. When you tell your friends about it you better have photos to back up your claim that this place exists. Strange as it is, there really is something quite aesthetic about the form and purposelessness of Carhenge.

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