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Racism at Los Perros Couch Bar

A September 2006 trip to Cusco by Sasha and Andrea

Quote: Travellers are supporting racist and discriminatory establishments. Behind the scenes Los Perros participates in blatant racism against Peruvian customers.

Los Perros Couch Bar

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Restaurant | "Los Perros"

I have just returned from 3 months travelling and volunteering in Cusco, Peru and became very familiar with many of the restaurants and bars in the city. During my stay it was brought to my attention that several establishments such as Los Perros Bar and Bar 7 knowingly participate in discrimination and racism against Peruvian customers.There have been many cases of bouncers blatantly turning away Peruvians who have darker skin and rounder faces. They tell these customers that there is a private party going on and proceed to allow other clients to enter. Or they simply say that the Peruvian in question cannot enter the bar or club because he or she is Peruvian. Ironically the owners, the em...Read More

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Los Perros Couch Bar
Tecsecocha 436
Cusco, Peru