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Day Trip to Phi Phi Le From Ko Phi Phi

An April 2005 trip to Thailand by Vagabondo

Phi Phi Le Lagoon Photo, Phi Phi Island, Thailand More Photos
Quote: The serenity and austerity of Phi Phi Lay coupled with its stunning geology and astonishing beauty is unmatched by any tropical island that I have ever explored.

Excursion to Phi Phi Le

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Phi Phi Le Lagoon Photo, Phi Phi Island, Thailand
A popular excursion from Ko Phi Phi Don is a tiny uninhabited island situated about two miles due south called Ko Phi Phi Le. Travelers vacationing on Phi Phi Don can hire a boatman to ferry them over to Phi Phi Le for about 100 baht per person - remember that you can negotiate prices with Thai boatmen as easily as you can with any other Thai merchant! Phi Phi Le is basically an arc of craggy limestone hills with one entry points into a beautiful lagoon on one side and another entry point into Mahya Bay on the other side. It is possible to pass on foot from the lagoon through the dense foliage of the island’s interior to Mahya Bay, but you must initially pass through a small hole at the wat...Read More