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Las Lunas Inn

A January 2006 trip to Cozumel by scubajanie

Quote: Las Lunas Inn, affordable lodging for divers.

Lunas Inn (Las)

Hotel | "Las Lunas Inn"

Las Lunas Inn is a great B&B for divers or anyone who wants to experience the real Cozumel. It is in mid town San Miguel, an easy walk to the beach or downtown. All the rooms have 2 twin beds that convert to a king. A tropical breakfast is included in the price, which starts at $35 to $55 for 2 people. The decor is tropical and Mexican, like being at a private home, which it is. Some rooms have a shared bath, some have private baths. There is a wash area for your dive equipment.The owners are American, and are dive guides. It is a great place for a short or an extended stay, many guests come to learn Spanish and immerse in the culture. It is clean and simple lodging, nothing fancy. The beds are co...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on November 2, 2006

Lunas Inn (Las)
40th Avenida Norte,# 265
Cozumel, Mexico
+52 (987) 872 5235