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Merida the Most Beautiful City in Venezuela

An October 1990 trip to Merida by Robert Raymond Ingledew

Quote: Merida is the most beautiful city of Venezuela. It is in a narrow valley surrounded by the Andes (Pico Bolivar) on the one side, and by the foothills on the other. Its climate is an eternal spring, with highs in the seventies and lows in the sixties, all year found.

Merida the Most Beautiful City in Venezuela

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Scenery is delicious the peaks of The Andes (17,000 feet tall) have snow all the year round. It is a university city (Universidad de los Andes, that is said to have the fourth highest academic level in Venezuela). The last time I visited it, it had some 120,000 of population, of which about one third were students. It is one of the safest cities in Venezuela, and the scenery is beautiful. The valley is so narrow that they had to relocate the airport at El Vigía, because practically every year some plane crashed into the surrounding mountains. Merida is called "Ciudad de los Caballeros" (the city of gentlemen) and maybe it has to do with a strong presence of descendants from Spaniards that live there. ...Read More

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Robert Raymond Ingledew
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