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Namibia Explored in Style

A November 2004 trip to Namibia by Carey Graeff

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Quote: Namibia is still relatively unexplored and offers varied landscapes, wildlife, and culture. It's those stunning sunsets that will pull you in though!

Namibia Explored in Style

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Namibia is unique in my mind for its vast desertscapes, its rolling hills which turn to flat land with acacias and bush scattered over iodine red ground. It is a place where insects, frogs and sporadic wildlife calls become your soundtrack. It is full of history not only for the German colonies and the dress of the Herero people, but for the Bushmen paintings which marked their territory and passed vital information from generation to generation centuries ago. Throughout Namibia accommodation options are varied and unique in settings and warm hospitality, which allows for a pleasant nest from which to explore your surrounds. One such option is Okonjima where I enjoyed taking an active part in ...Read More