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Mina Clavero, a Delicious Small Town in Cordoba

An August 2006 trip to Cordoba by Robert Raymond Ingledew

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Quote: This is a beautiful village (some 6,000 inhabitants) that is nearly empty all year round, except in January and February, when it gets crammed. The mountains that surround it, the Rocsen Museum, the crystalline waters of its rivers, its beaches, all combine beautifully to make it a very attractive destination.

Mina Clavero, a Delicious Small Town in Cordoba

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I go often to this place from Villa Carlos Paz, where I live. It is a very quiet spot, except in January-February. I enjoy its huge beaches on the river, and especially the trip to there from Villa Carlos Paz, over the mountain range. Actually the tour from Córdoba also includes Los Túneles (The Tunnels) where you can see condors flying above or below you from the top of the precipice. On that tour you will also see caranday (tiny) palm trees and extinguished volcanoes. I always say that the two very best tours from Villa Carlos Paz are Mina Clavero / Los Túneles, and La Cumbrecita. Both are completely different. Going over the mountain range you will see the Fundación Cóndor Photo Gallery of...Read More