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Transylvania - A Historic Overview

A travel journal to Transylvania by 3mttours

Quote: A brief look into the turbulent history of a province, history, that may well be compared to the history of all Europe.

A Historic Overview

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Formerly the centre of the Dacian Kingdom (between the 1st century BC and the 1st century our time), then becoming a Roman province, Transylvania, "the country between mountains", becomes in the 11th century part of Hungary. Hungarians at that time, were few, and, having to defend such a big territory, King Ladislau the 1st brings some colonists on the Eastern border of Transylvania, the Szekely, a branch of the Magyar tribes, while King Geza the 2nd decides in the 12th century to invite some colonists of German origins, called afterward „Saxons", who occupied the whole Southern territory of Transylvania. Their privileges were confirmed in the Andreanum, under King Andreas the 2nd. It is this document...Read More