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An October 2006 trip to Seattle by joshhansen

Quote: Chronicle of my university adventures.

Mcmahon hall


Mcmahon Hall offers a wonderful dorm experience. With views overlooking lake Washington and the campus, it sits on top of the hill and has magnificent balconies with views that go on forever. The rooms are grouped into quads, with a small central area with a microwave and a fridge. You share a bathroom with 8 people as the rooms are all doubles. You get a great chance to meet new people. The floors are mainly tile although some are carpet. The hot water heater is very nice, and the bathrooms are kept very clean and orderly by the excellent staff who cleans them out 2 to 3 times a week. The elevators are quick and the food is amazing.!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 21, 2006

Terry and Lander


Terry Lander are actually 2 dormitories, separated by a little strip of land that is occupied by the 1108, a nice little restaurants and convenience store. The food is so-so but they do serve sandwiches and offers a variety of cooked meals. The rooms are small, but classic dormitory style, with 2 beds to a room. Everyone shares a communal bathroom per floor, and the showers are not very clean, although they do try to clean them at least once a week. The halls are pretty clean. One of the best benefits is the lounge, it's nice and big, and very comfortable. They offer multiple TVs and study rooms if you are looking for a quiet place. You can also meet a group of people as th...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on October 29, 2006