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Detroit Business Trip

A January 2004 trip to Detroit by cr008k

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Detroit Business Trip

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I went to Detroit because I was travelling with someone who went on business. It's a trip I would probably not have taken otherwise and I do not think I will ever go back. Detroit was a nice enough place, but it's just not for me.For starters, if you go in the winter, it is freezing! Freezing! And lots of snow—so be careful and be prepared. Bring as many warm clothes as you can and don't spend too much time outside, but you'll probably still be cold when you do go because it's just sooo cold.That being said, there are some things to do in Detroit. There are some very beautiful churches there—St. Theresa's is one that comes to mine—and you can take a tour if you are into that kind of thing...Read More
I booked this hotel in advance on the Internet because it said that it was near all the downtown Detroit attractions. Had I not prepaid with my credit card, I would not have even gone in. First of all, the hotel was in a really sketchy area - I mean, people doing illegal things in the streets surrounding the hotel, falling down apartment buildings in a state of disrepair, and just generally seedy. There were certainly no tourist attractions within walking distance of this place, and it didn't seem safe to walk around anyway. I quickly figured out that it was "downtown adjacent" or in the part of downtown that's sort of next to where you might want to be, but nowhere you would actually want to be....Read More

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