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A Hard Days Night in Bangkok

An April 2005 trip to Bangkok by lo7la

Watergun group in back of pick up truck. Photo, Bangkok, Thailand More Photos
Quote: Bangkok was my first taste of Southeast Asia. I flew into this city terrified of its craziness but by the end I embraced it.

A Hard Days Night in Bangkok


Khao San Road Photo, Bangkok, Thailand
Quick Tips: If you have the time I would suggest one of the tuk tuk "tours" that many drivers tote as they walk around trying to lure in passengers. It's a scam but usually a harmless one. As long as you stick to your guns and say "no" to all the "educational" factories (ie, gem, clothing and marble) then you get to see some great temples. All for about 40 baht. Or in my case, you might just get ditched at a temple and not have to pay at all. Ask to see a room before you decide to rent it, some of them can be shocking! Don't drink anything from the minibar--very expensive!A word to those going to the red light area. There are some scams involving sex shows. Some won't charge you an e...Read More

Wet 'n Wild at the Water Festival

Best Of IgoUgo


Watergun group in back of pick up truck. Photo, Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand's New Year actually takes place in April instead of January. And instead of fireworks and sparklers they opt for water guns and clay mixtures. I, and my fellow travelers, didn't realize we would be in Thailand for what they call the Water Festival and it was just fate that placed us in Bangkok smack in the middle of the festivities.Our train from Laos got in late evening and no taxi driver wanted to go near the Kho San Road. The two we had flagged down wanted to charge us 500 bhat for the 30-minute ride. We finally found an unsuspecting taxi who was willing to take us, for about 250 (still a pretty steep price). The closer we got to Kho San the louder people on the streets got...Read More