North Island Journals

Booboos, Paua and Tramps-Hanging with Locals

A September 2006 trip to North Island by backpack grrl

Quote: A surf trip to Gisborne turns into a crash course on Kiwi culture and gastronomy, as we share seafood with Maori.
THE most inviting and friendly hostel I've been to EVER! Pihi and his son, Hamai treated us like family the second we arrived and we didn't want to ever leave. They have a wonderful place, sheltered in a little bay, with a freshwater spring, hot tub, hammocks, kayaks, snorkel gear, fishing boat....anything you could ever need to enjoy the basic simplicity of their life and kick back for a while! Pihi will tell you all about his family's background, and give you a quick and dirty lesson on New Zealand culture from a modern Maori perspective. A MUST for anyone fresh off the plane, like me!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 4, 2006

Maraehako Bay Retreat
State Highway 35
North Island, New Zealand
+64 (7) 325 2648