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Australian Outback-The Coober Pedy Mail Run

A July 2002 trip to Coober Pedy by nonutrix

Quote: We had no idea what a adventure awaited us when we stood in the parking lot of The Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy. After witnessing the area's first rain (a little sprinkle) in two years, Derek pulled up in a 4WD, and in the broadest Australian accent uttered, "G'Day!"

Desert Cave Hotel

Hotel | "The Desert Cave Hotel"

This unique hotel, in a very unique town in the Australian Outback, like many of the other places in town, is built underground. The underground spaces allow protection from the fierce summer temperatures which can easily reach 120 degrees F or more. However hot it is outside, the underground rooms will stay at a constant 70 degrees year around. We found the accommodation to be simple, but adequate. As stated in other reviews, the breakfast buffet was plentiful and varied. Since the Cave Hotel really provides the only accommodation and restaurant to speak of in a "must-see" part of Australia, it certainly fits the bill for comfort and cleanliness that our family requires.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on November 25, 2006

Desert Cave Hotel
Hutchison Street
Coober Pedy, Australia 5723
+61 (8) 8672 5688

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