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Paramaribo, a Unique Mixture of Cultures

A May 1993 trip to Paramaribo by Robert Raymond Ingledew

Quote: I visited Paramaribo (surinam) 3 times. It is a unique place in South America. Forty percent of the population is of Indian extraction (from India), 40 percent of African extraction, 15 percent (the middle class) from Jakarta, and the rest are Dutch.

Paramaribo, a Unique Mixture of Cultures

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I visited Paramaribo three times on business. There are some waterfalls inland, that I did not visit (I was working) but they do not compare with Iguazú Falls, neither in height or in volume of water. For those that are not acquainted with South American geography, Suriname is the former Dutch Guiana, and is located between Guyana (former British Guiana, the capital of which is Georgetown) and French Guiana, the capital of which is Cayenne. By the way, French Guiana is the only European territory in all South America. Suriname also borders with Brazil. Suriname offers a unique picture of mix of cultures in all Latin America. Forty percent of the population is of Indian extraction...Read More

Hotel Krasnapolsky

Hotel | "Hotel Krasnapolsky (4 stars)"

This hotel is 30 years old and has been completely refurbished in 1997. I was there before the remodeling, and it was already a very good hotel. Now it is a 4-star hotel, and by what I have read has been substantially improved.

The swimming pool is very nice. All rooms have adjustable air conditioning and cable TV. It is conveniently located in the downtown of Paramaribo, a small city with some 30,000 inhabitants and Dutch architecture.

It also has meeting rooms for up to 100 people. Present rates are 75 Euros for a single room. Most rooms have a panoramic view towards the Suriname river or the very nice swimming pool the hotel has-

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 2, 2006

Hotel Krasnapolsky
Domineestraat 39
Paramaribo, Suriname

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