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Spring Break Trip to Oahu, Hawaii

A March 1996 trip to Oahu by watsonmonkeysmom

Quote: Junior year of high school, my buddies and I took a trip to Oahu, Hawaii. We had a great time, the people were very friendly, the native food was delicious, and the weather was perfect.

Spring Break Trip to Oahu, Hawaii

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The best part of our trip to Oahu was definitely the Polynesian Culture Center. We saw fire dancers, drummers, and had a luau dinner. Anytime you see a 350-pound man jumping and dancing with fire, it's amazing, but five of those... ! The experience gave us a good insight into local culture, and gave a great background of the island culture. After the show was over we were invited to go spear fishing with a couple of the performers, and it was awesome. They are a fun loving culture.Quick Tips: Explore the island on your own, we just rode the buses and got off at a different stop every day we were there. It was a great way to see the island, and we didn't have to wait on a tour g...Read More