Panama City Journals

The Sunshine State...

An August 2004 trip to Panama City by justmejenna

Quote: Looking for fun in the sun, without traveling to an exotic island? Then you will find it in Panama City Beach Florida. The sun is awesome, the waves are great and the local lifestyle offers plenty of fun.

The Sunshine State...


We went with the intention of just soaking up some rays... lounging on the beach and just being bums. But there is so much more to do in the sunny south. They have many areas that are for kids of all ages, and you can do so many different things, even bungee jump... nope.. not I, but you can! Quick Tips: If travel from another state by car, make sure to stop at the welcome center and get all the discount books you can, hotels are pretty cheap in the area and most are right on the beach or across the road from it. Rent a Jeep, rent a moped, or a beach bomber... have fun!Best Way To Get Around: You will want a car/or bike, there is a lot to see, and a lot to do and the "strip" is forev...Read More